The Inner State

Declaration of New Human Rights
and The Inner State, 2012


The representatives of the peoples of the Earth, constituted as a global first nation, beyond all frontiers and limits of the present states, united for what they have in common to protect in their individual and collective interest, consider, like those of 1948, that the elaboration of new rights appears to be particularly necessary.

They solemnly reaffirm, at the level of the First Global Nation, the rights and freedoms of men and citizens enshrined in the Declaration of 1789 and its evolution of 1948, as inalienable and sacred rights.

They declare, in addition to the previous rights, new rights aimed at the concrete influence of every human being. Based on the autonomy and responsibility of individuals and nations, they propose to go beyond partisan dogmatic traditions to unite the efforts of each one in an interest that exceeds that of the parties: to concretely improve the inner state of the individual on a collective scale.

Also, beyond the previous rights hardly respected by the governments of the different nations, these new rights are meant to be accessible and applicable for each individual, whatever his social condition, the political regime or the culture in which he lives.

They declare, in the interest of all, for each citizen of the Earth, the following new rights and standards:

1) The right to know one’s true nature and life purpose in order to find one’s useful place on Earth, and thus to reach a state of profound legitimacy, to an inner state of full satisfaction, in the different domains of one’s existence and to secure an essential victory: to live a life with no regrets.

This is declared in law first, the following rights giving access to it.

So that this virtuous individual dynamic spreads to all, they declare the nation of The Inner State, as the first global nation beyond the borders, at arm’s length, without a link of power, its sole purpose is to help people access the inner state described above, to help them build their lives according to this standard, to protect their rights, and to make their voices heard.
This first global nation, is open to all, and its access is made spontaneously by entering oneself into the Inner State described in this first right.

2) The right to access the service of adjustment of one’s life trajectory and one’s modes of operation. This service will be provided by new specialists, the Ambassadors of The Inner State, to accompany people to respectfully listen to their true nature and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that right first.

3) The right to personal radiance, which allows, with deep respect, to detach oneself and to free oneself from the influences of cultures, religions or models, from the moment these models happen to be limiting or threatening to this right first.

4) The right to Global Success, which sets a new standard for personal success, which simultaneously includes that of others, that of the environment and Nature. Today more than ever, the satisfaction of these three dimensions seems unavoidable to ensure this right first.

5) The right to access the University of Life, the school where to learn how to transform a state of victim or handicap into a unique talent, to use it in a beneficial way for oneself and for others, in order to find the full satisfaction and dignity that everyone deserves and to ensure this first right in a sustainable way.

6) The right to be in a good posture to succeed, to ascertain or have one ascertain whether, concretely, in one’s body, beyond the theories,
the inner state of non-defence and full satisfaction is verified in everyone, on a daily basis, in order to ensure this first right.

7) The right to inspiration, and the development of one’s abilities to connect to one’s own source of inspiration in order to actualize in a personal and autonomous way, inspired and inspiring projects that require continuous evolution towards this first right.

8) The right to access a responsible culture, so that everyone can regain power over their lives, realizing that what they think, say and do, what they “cultivate”, acts on their reality. By becoming responsible for “what he cultivates”, everyone regains power over what he creates and can best access his first right.

The application of these 8 new rights opens to new standards:

A new international standard of education:
By giving access to these rights and to The Inner State, parents and teachers allow each child to know his “life purpose” and his useful place on Earth,
and give him the skills to live in from it in order to participate in a Global Success.

A new international standard of health:
By giving access to these rights and to the Inner State, each health professional, beyond preventing and treating diseases, helps to stimulate vitality,
to protect and optimize the health, the satisfaction, the influence of the individuals and to perpetuate their “life purpose”.

A new international standard of economic dignity:
By giving access to these rights and to the Inner State, beyond protecting it and making it dependent on its helpers, each individual tends to become strong and dignified by his autonomy and his freedom.

A new international standard of Public Safety:
By giving these rights and the Inner State access to everyone, all citizens tend to free themselves from the tensions of frustration and jealousy, to build their lives satisfactorily, in the prevention of acts of violence, terrorism or barbarism.

A new international standard of global success:
Where every citizen has access to these rights and to the Inner State so that he does not have to work reluctantly, but to enjoy his talent, a real benefactor for him, for the people he serves, and for the environment.
A beneficent service, about which it is in his interest not to retire in order to transmit his knowledge and perpetuate his reasons for continuing to live.

A new political standard:
Where each political actor is called to give access to these rights and to the Inner State, to allow a deep and gentle global evolution of the society.

A new international standard of autonomy and freedom of nations:
Where each nation accesses these same rights in order to make itself independent of aid, and not have to resort to debt, alienating, in order to become strong and worthy of its autonomy and therefore of its freedom
and prevent economic or political migration.

A New International Standard of Rights:
The eight new human rights, and the access to the Inner State, differ from the old rights, constituted of so-called external rights, allowing the protection of the civil security (police), the health (social security) and the old age (pension fund), right to work (unions); the new rights of man and of the citizen, aim at the protection and development of inner resources.
They are intended to be a central axis of evolution, not theoretical, and applying from external structures of which one becomes dependent, but whose Force comes from within.


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