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The purpose of The Inner State’s Academy is to enable every human being to find his life purpose and fully express it to naturally shine like a star


“Together lets build a civilisation of stars”  Nicolas Proupain

We offer two types of programs:

1. To find your life purpose to naturally shine like a star

2. To become an Ambassador and help others find their life purpose and shine like stars


Find your life purpose to naturally shine like a star

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    “Access the Inner State experience ”

    The Access seminar allows you to discover the 8 new human rights and to apply them into your life concretely.

    Each session help you identify what enables you to enter The Inner State, through a personal emotional and physical experience.  The New Human Rights will help you validate what is right for you, your purpose and help you identify what is taking you away from your Inner State. They sow the seeds of your success to a whole new level.

    The purpose of this unique and effective experience is to start an inner dynamic, leading you to an essential victory: a life with no regrets.

    It is an extremely deep and powerful seminar that is life transforming. This experience is priceless and yet very accessible.

    Duration: 8 hours of workshops that are available in different formats
    Hours: Depends on the format of the workshop
    Price: €240

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    “The University of Life” 

    The University offers you to find in the depths of your heart, what you are made for, your deepest life purpose, by transforming the major difficulties, handicaps and challenges that you have personally experienced or are experiencing, by transforming “what is running your life”.

    The “University of life” gives you knowledge and tools that you will use for the rest of your life.

    The first day enables you to Transform your challenges and difficulties into a constructive energy. It is a profoundly liberating experience that is really unique and deeply inspiring.

    The second day unveils the specific words that express your deep life purpose. Key words from the deepest part of you that will make you enter an Inner State of gratitude and inspiration for your life.

    Our 30 years of clinical experience shows that this specific work, because of its deepness, has a very unique effect that is the key to a total life transformation. It is from this seminar that the experience of shining like a star initiates deeply inside of you.

    Duration: 2 full days
    Hours: from 9 am to 8 pm (or more if necessary the first evening) and 9 am to 5 pm
    Price: €1747

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    «The Inner State Experience: Transform Your World and So the World *» ©

    Objective: To participate in a global evolution that starts in you

    It is said that when one has found his life purpose and lives from it, one never has to work a single day of his life, and that one is forever “on vacation”! In an Inner State of full satisfaction!

    We’ve created a space where Ambassadors and people who want to evolve deeply and regularly come together twice a year to “download news and updates from work” and take the time to get care. Physically, by receiving the latest developments in physical application care to free oneself of tensions and learn new strategies intellectually and physically in their bodies to reach and stay in the Inner State of a star.
    The goal is to bring together the evolutionary actors from around the world and create a place of care and evolution of high intensity to develop a new culture and give birth to a civilization of stars.

    This weekend is dedicated to physical care and the teaching of rights.
    “The Inner State Experience” occurs in a wonderful and beautiful environment to enter the inner state, to the Balearic Islands, to the Santa Eularia Convention Center.

    Duration: 2 full days
    Hours: from 9 am to 8 pm (or more if necessary the first evening) and 9 am to 5 pm
    Price: €1235

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Become an Ambassador and help others to find their life purpose and shine like stars

The New Human Rights book Coming soon!

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