The Inner State


“What specialist do you consult to find your purpose and your useful place on earth?”
Nicolas Proupain

Today, whether through our education systems or society in general, we are not empowered to discover our purpose and our useful place!

It is not our culture… yet!

It seems then conceivable and of public interest to encourage the emergence of new specialists trained to help people to apply their rights to find their life purpose and useful place in society: Ambassadors of new human rights.
Today, Ambassadors are forming to spread the rights in several countries around the world.

As a full-time career or as a complimentary service, you can participate as a parent, a doctor, a teacher, a chiropractor…and realize an (even more) meaningful volunteering role or professional life.

By becoming an Ambassador you will:

  • Become the specialist that teaches the New Human Rights to help people find their purpose, enter The Inner State and live a life without regrets.
  • Act as a central catalyst within your community to facilitate people’s evolution throughout their life. Your action can go from helping a kid who gets discouraged at school, to a man who would love to participate in society after he is retired, to a person who is fed up with her work and is looking for more meaning in her career.
  • Be part of an inspired team that makes a lasting difference by delivering a most precious service.
  • Affect locally and globally the economy, ecology, health and the quality of people’s life.

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