A meaningful career

If you feel empty inside when it comes to thinking about your career then often you start to think what to do next. Maybe, on paper, your career looks ok – you’re earning well, you have a nice position. But you have that feeling inside that it’s not quite “you” – you feel a bit like a square peg – like you don’t fit in. You feel like it’s an effort to go to work, maybe you even have a bad back. You would love to do something that makes a difference, you want to do something with meaning, you would love to finish your day with that deep satisfying fulfilment that you helped change the world.

So you start to day-dream, you start to remember what it is you wanted to be when you grew up, you start to think about what it is you would really LOVE to do.

And then you start to think “don’t be so silly”, you’re dreaming!.. That is not possible for me. And so you force yourself into work feeling more and more demotivated and un-inspired every day.

The answer to what to do next does not lay in looking on search-engines! You will not find the right answer for you from researching, talking to friends or looking for opportunities. The answer lies within. It is an inner search that will bring the most satisfying results. As the empty feeling you have is your heart calling for something with meaning. And so any answer you find outside yourself will only fulfil a short-term need to feel good, rather than answer that deep calling that you have.

You are unique, you have a unique life purpose and your heart is guiding you. This is your awakening. Your wake up call for what you were born for.

Don’t miss this chance that your heart has brought you. Those feelings of demotivation and despondency are there for a good reason. They are there to get you to transform so that you do what you were born for.

If you do it the other way around and look for outside opportunities, you will try to squeeze yourself into something that sounds appealing. It may feel ok, for a while, but the heart will start calling to you again with feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

Here’s our top tips on how to begin:

  1. Think about what is it that you really love to do. And before you say “Yes but doing X doesn’t earn money” KNOW that by being an expert with experience you can demand a high price. If you focus your energy on doing what you were made for, you will become an expert in that, and an expert is sought after in any field.
  2. Ask yourself “If I could spend all day doing……….. I would do it for free”. What you love helping other people with? What your friends and family come to you for so that you can help them?
  3. Look at what your life experience – what have all the challenges and experiences taught you? How have they shaped you in developing your natural talent, your life purpose? Think outside the box – it’s usually the really simple thing, try not to over-complicate it.
  4. Create a big vision for your world – what gets up your nose? What problems do you want to solve? What do you want to bring more of to the world? Get really big on this vision. Write it out. What do you love to speak about with friends, what do you love to complain about and debate?
  5. Start somewhere. Start with your big vision and then you can gradually filter this down and have something that is deeply satisfying and unique to you. From there, you can then look at companies with similar interests or even look at setting up your own company. Know that your big vision can lead you somewhere.

So, start from within, start connecting to your heart and enjoy your transformation to what you were made for. If you feel like you would like some help with this – look at our Education section.

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  1. Didierjean 2 years ago

    Merci Nicolas pour cette publication et ton témoignage de parapente j’ai expérimenté une situation semblable mais moi je sui allée droit où j’ai porté ma vision et j’ai conclus que j’étais attirée par le vide …maintenant je comprends de jour en jour ton insistance à détailler notre étoile de vie .
    je suis contente de tes enseignements pour la jeunesse ,merci pour cette belle photos d’enfants rayonnants de clarté .
    bel élan de vie .à toi à vous

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