How to know it’s time for a career change

Everything is ok in your life is OK. Nothing is going wrong.  However, there’s a feeling inside that there’s more to life than this. There’s a nagging feeling of emptiness, a call to change.

However to change your career feels a little crazy. It’s paying the bills. It’s got you a good lifestyle; you can have social time out friends, enjoy nice holidays and treat the people that you love. You’ve seen harder times before, you remember:

  • the student dinners…
  • struggling to pay the rent…
  • when you had to limit yourself…

You don’t want to feel like you’re going back in time, that you’re not progressing.

So making a career change has to be worth it, it has to succeed. It cannot put you into a worst situation than you are in now.

Here are 5 ways that will show you if it’s time for change:

1. You often feel tired 

Feeling tired is a sign of being un-inspired by what you are doing. If the thought of getting out on bed in the mornings and going to work makes you feel tired then you probably have lack of energy. So even though you are doing it – this tiredness is a sure sign.

2. You can’t find new ideas

You are plodding along doing the bare minimum but you can’t think of any new innovative ways to do things. It’s all become routine. You aren’t getting any new ideas to expand. This is a big sign that you are un-inspired by what you do.

3. You day-dream, alot

When you are spending more time in your imagination rather that reality, it’s a sign of an escape strategy. It’s what we do when we are not enjoying what we are doing. Time to change career, perhaps?

4. You love organising social gatherings and holidays

Your eyes light up and your energy levels soar when you think about the latest social hangout or holiday you have coming up. You feel like you can organise that stuff quickly and easily. And it’s just another escape strategy. Imagine now feeling THAT motivated by what you do for your “work” – like a real purpose to do what you were born to do.

5. You keep thinking that there’s more to life than “this”

You have an undercurrent of uneasy feeling, it’s not really weighing you down but it is there. It’s a feeling of “there’s more to life than this” and you feel a little disappointed with where you are. You didn’t think you would be where you are right now, when you are honest with yourself.

All these signs are wake-up calls for you to find your real purpose, the thing you could do all day, every day and not get tired. The thing that you do where your time passes quickly, you forget your problems, what time it is, how old you are. You are just present in the moment. When you live from this purpose, life feels easy, effortless, inspiring.

If you your feel it’s time to change your career then start by looking at our Education programs to help you.


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