The Inner State Retreat and Seminars in November!

Sometimes, locking ourselves away is the best medicine for all the ails that haunt us. So that’s what we do at The Inner State Retreat. And once we’ve spent our lovely four days together, in one of our most transformative places, Ibiza, you’ll wake up to ALL that your heart has desired for so long. And its end will be the start of a brand new you and a brand new view, long after you return home.

The retreat includes…

  • 3 nights in a luxury hotel at an old Ibizan farm that’s been converted into luxury Balinese hideaway. It has two pools, a spa, huge day beds and its own beach club – you will feel a million-dollars as you indulge yourself on your best journey – to your inner self.
  • Healing therapy adjustments every day so that you can get back in touch with the REAL YOU and discover, breakthrough and integrate all the transformations you’ll be undertaking. I personally have this type of therapy myself each week and it has helped me to grow, lean more about myself and make the right decisions for me. You will feel amazed and we are doing them in beautiful locations – the first is under the stars on the first night!
  • Practical seminars so that you can do your inner work – these will be focused on helping you discover what it is that you really love, what’s really holding you back and help you find the courage the move forward. This includes the session that has created the biggest breakthroughs for our clients – the University of life workshop where you get to discover your unique talent through a completely different way of looking at the world – be prepared to challenge your way of thinking to get out of the box.
  • We love the island and so we want to get you outside as much as possible so that you can enjoy it’s wonders and really get into the Ibiza healing vibe. We will go on a hike through pine countryside where we will be off the beaten track, swim at our favourite beach ever and we’ll have yoga at our luxury hotel. This will enable you to really relax as your body let’s go of the stresses and you enjoy just being in a beautiful locale.


If this is calling you, we begin on 5th November in Ibiza. Email for more details.


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