The New Human Rights book – to welcome you to The Inner State

The book was published in French in 2012 and will be published in English very soon – keep you eyes out for the news.

Until then, here is a sneak peek at the back cover introducing the book.

Since 1996 the author, through his work as a chiropractor and as an author of self-development books and workshops, has observed time and time again, that when people find their ‘raison d’être’ (life purpose), they go on to achieve optimal physical, mental, social and financial health.

This is why he proposes to declare the access to one‘s raison d’être as a RIGHT.

Up until now our existing ‘Human Rights’ are founded upon protection, and in some cases create dependence through assistance. However, they have not led to empowerment and autonomy, and so have not enabled the blossoming of the full potential of the people and therefore, the nation.

The ecological, economic and social world crisis that we are facing today concerns everyone! So what should we do? Protest, be indignated or outraged? It’s good a start, but it doesn’t change anything in the long run. Isn’t it preferable to build a more satisfyig world to live in?

This book shows how, using these new Rights at the collective scale, birthsa global dynamic for the evolution and sustainability of our society.

Whereas the aspirational political changes need to be made at an international level are beyond our sphere of influence, Nicolas Proupain, proposes practical solutions and steps that we can all take part in.

The 8 ‘new rights’ are 8 new paradigms for each of us to cultivate -like 8 seeds – which gradually reveal the talent and the individual gifts of each person  and over time, create a new world culture.

Start using your new rights today! Embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of and take part in an unprecedented evolution of mankind when you read this book.

Nicolas Proupain is a Chiropractor, author, teacher and speaker at international conferences.


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